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Why choose the Vertue Method?

Q: What is the Vertue Method?

A: The Vertue Method was born out of my experience as a yoga teacher, personal trainer, gymnast and lover of perky and strong glutes. I developed this method over the course of 10 years of training clients as a PT and teaching yoga classes with the intention to help busy people become both fit, flexible AND functional. By functional I mean capable of performing to their body’s best ability so they can get the most from life as a human being.

It is a holistic approach to fitness that combines full-body, weighted circuit training, yoga, foundational gymnastics movements and meditation to help you develop a strong, skilled and athletic body, accompanied by an even stronger mind.


Q: What are some of the benefits of the Vertue Method?

A: The Vertue Method Fitness Programme is about cultivating your badassery. My mission is to help men and women around the world achieve their ideal body both aesthetically and functionally! Basically, I want you to become a badass with a good ass. I want you to look, but more importantly FEEL, good naked and I want you to do it for life (not just for a summer holiday or wedding or ephemeral and ever-changing beauty trend).

In addition to getting you fitter, faster, potentially leaner (if that’s where your body needs to be, healthfully) and more flexible, the Vertue Method is designed to help you fill the areas that you may have been neglecting. Whether you’re a runner and you always skip stretching or you’re yoga obsessed but you can barely do 10 push ups the Vertue Method is your one-stop shop regime that will support your body in a variety of different ways. After all, true health is about developing balance.


Q: What makes the Vertue Method different to other Fitness Programmes?

A: The Vertue Method approach values exercise as an expression of self-love and respect for your body NOT of punishment.

By including practices like yoga, meditation and a nourishing approach to food, you should hopefully start to develop a healthy relationship with food and fitness, rather than a restrictive one that encourages you to hate on your body.

The Vertue Method Fitness Programme videos are in real time which means you and I get sweaty together. The benefits of this are:

  1. You don’t have to count repetitions or sets which can be confusing to keep up with, and also make it easier to cheat and/or give up. I keep track of the timings and sets so you don’t have to.
  2. You don’t have to re-watch how-to videos over and over which can disrupt the intensity and flow of the workout. From the moment you hit play, we get sweaty together in real time keeping that intensity high.
  3. WE MOVE AS ONE and this is way more fun than having to workout alone. I am with you every step, squat, lunge and glute bridge of the way. This should keep your temptation to stop or give up at bay.
  4. I will keep you in line with important cues on form and correct execution as they happen. This will not only help you to achieve the most from the workouts, working the right areas, but it will also keep your body much safer!


Q: What does the workout schedule look like?

A: The programme consists of two weekly workouts (each to be completely twice, so four workouts per week), along with one dynamic yoga session and a brisk outdoor nature walk as some healthy steady state cardio.

The workouts change every fortnight so you’ll only have time to adapt and adjust to the moves without feeling bored or unchallenged.


Q: How long are the workouts?

A: The workouts are between 30-38 minutes long and consist of a dynamic mobility warm up, weighted full body circuits, glute and ab isolation and guided relaxation, cool-down mobility and guided breath exercises to calm your nervous system and boost recovery.


Q: How long will it take to see results?

A: This really depends on you, your body and your ability to remain consistent.

It also depends on what you define as ‘results’.

Strength and fitness adaptations in beginners - or anyone that hasn’t trained in a while - can occur very quickly as it doesn’t take much to stimulate adaptation within the body.

As a more advanced trainee you may find your strength and fitness adaptations take a little longer to manifest, however if you are working outside of your comfort zone within each workout and are consistent with your food and fitness regime you will see adaptations occur every week.

Visual changes can occur within four weeks for most, although of course there will be some of you that find you aren’t seeing ‘visual’ changes for 6-8 weeks - even if you are sticking to the plan.

If this is you - PLEASE don’t worry! REMEMBER - we are in this for the long haul - if you have spent months or years avoiding exercise, mobility practices, nourishing foods - and have instead been living a sedentary or ‘party-hardy’ lifestyle you cannot (I repeat CANNOT) expect your body to turn around in a few weeks.

Give your body the time, consistency and respect it deserves for keeping you alive for so long.


Q: What’s included when I buy the programme?

A: When you purchase the Vertue Method programme you’ll have access to the following:

  • Lifetime access to the 12-week video programme that consists of 12 real time workout videos (where you and I get sweaty together at the same time).
  • One 30-minute, dynamic yoga real-time yoga video that has been designed in alignment with the fitness workouts to help you release specifically tighter areas, de-stress and unwind from a tough workout week.
  • EASY EATS - my recipe ebook filled with over 30 recipes, designed to both nourish and inspire you to get back into the kitchen; igniting a passion for easy, simple and delicious culinary delights.
  • FACT Sheet that covers all the necessary information to help you get through this programme (and beyond). You will learn;
    • How to use the programme and recipe booklet
    • How to choose the right kettlebell weight for you
    • When to increase your weight
    • How to schedule your workouts
    • Where to purchase equipment


Is The Vertue Method Fitness Programme right for me?

Q: I’m injured/ill - Can I still do the Vertue Method?

A: At the bottom of the FACT Sheet I ask you to fill out a PAR-Q Form which is a questionnaire about your current state of health. It will help you to determine whether you should speak to a doctor before embarking on the plan. If you are injured I do not recommend you take on this plan unless you have the all-clear from your physician to do so.

In saying that, sometimes the injury is on the mend and actually requires further strength training and/or mobility in order to heal properly. In this case, again ask your physician to provide you with specific moves that you can and can’t do and modify throughout the workout.


Q: I’m Pregnant - Can I still do the Vertue Method?

A: This is not a pre/post natal programme and doesn’t accommodate for the contraindications that can occur during pregnancy and after birth. I will be releasing a separate pre/post natal programme soon that accommodates for each semester of pregnancy, including the ‘fourth’ trimester (postnatal).

I am looking at a 2019 release date.


Q: I’m a complete beginner to working out. Is the Vertue Method suitable for me?

A: Yep! The Vertue Method Fitness Programme is a mixed level programme that has got your back if you are a beginner (and also offers modifications if you are more advanced).

The movements included in the Vertue Method focus predominantly on KEY primal, compound movement patterns, this means that they are essential to a healthy functioning human body.

Beginners WILL find it challenging (but that is the point). The beauty of having a video programme is that YOU CAN PUSH PAUSE, AND/OR REWIND.

At the beginning of each workout I explain the moves and if you feel as though you need to rewatch the explanation, you can.

I think it is also worth saying here that you can always repeat weeks if you find it particularly difficult - yes it’s a 12-week programme, but everyone progresses at a different rate. If you feel as though you really struggled through any of the weeks, rather than progressing to the next week, repeat it. You will not hinder your results.


Q: What equipment do I need access to?

A: All the equipment has been laid out in the FACT Sheet, along with where to find it.

All you will need is the following:

1 x Heavy Kettle Bell

1 x Light (upper body) Kettle Bell

1 x resistance band

1 x Sturdy Chair

1 x Fitness or Yoga Mat


I also explain how to choose the right weight for your abilities.

This equipment is easy to store even in the smallest of spaces and the workout itself only takes up the space of a yoga mat.


Q: The Vertue Method workouts are weights based, will they make me bulky?

A: Firstly, it’s actually very difficult to become ‘bulky’ - even if you are one of those people that say they ‘bulk up easily’. You would have to be eating a huge surplus of calories, have the right hormonal environment in your body (most women don’t have this) and be lifting excruciatingly heavy (I’m talking more than your body weight).

Secondly, the term ‘bulky’ usually refers to a certain type of look that comes more from the WAY you lift weights, rather than the action of just lifting weights. As an ex dancer and gymnast, I place HEAVY emphasis on form which means that you’ll be working the muscles that don’t create this ‘bulkier’ look.


Q: Will the Vertue Method Fitness Programme help me to lose weight?

A: The Vertue Method Fitness Programme support and encourage healthy fat loss, if that is what your body needs.

The Vertue Method is designed to improve your body composition and get your body into a healthy state - if that means dropping excessive body fat then YES you will. If however you are already lean and are hoping to drop further body fat that will compromise your hormonal health then no - this is not the programme for you. I suggest you speak to a psychologist ASAP.


Q: Will the Vertue Method make me stronger?

A: Absolutely! It’s one of the most important principles of the plan. However more than just straight strength, you will develop strength with a deeper range of movement which is much more beneficial for the human body, helping it to remain YOUTHFUL and care-free.


Q: Will the Vertue Method programme make me more flexible?

A: It will make you better than flexible. It will make you mobile. The major difference between flexibility and mobility is that flexibility only refers to your passive range of movements - for example being able to sit and reach for your toes. Mobility refers to your ability to truly use that range in a dynamic way; e.g. sitting deeply in a squat. Mobility is much more healthy and functional for the body and will prevent you from developing those injuries that can occur from having too much flexibility or too much strength.


Q: What if I can’t keep up with all the moves?

A: Don’t worry at all! Just hit the pause button or watch and practice the initial moves a few times before getting into the workout.

No matter how uncoordinated you feel initially, your body will adapt and often faster than you think. Even if you are one of those people with ‘two left feet’ you will get better. This only highlights how important it is for you to stick with it.


Q: It’s too challenging for me right now - how can I make it easier?

A: Drop the weights and just perform the workouts with your bodyweight.

The workouts are timed, so that you do as many reps as you can within that time frame. If that means you do three squats - so be it. You will be better next time!


Q: Do I have to follow the programme as you have created it?

A: It’s important to follow the videos in order (don’t sneak ahead). Even if you feel you’re more advanced than the movements in the first weeks, I’d rather you lift a heavier weight, than skip ahead. This is because it’s important to learn and understand the foundational movements correctly before moving on.

Conversely, if you feel as though the videos are progressing too quickly for your liking, hold yourself back and repeat them until you feel ready to progress.


Q: Can I do other forms of training while on the programme?

A: The short answer is YES! I have always wanted the Vertue Method to make you better at whatever other movement you love doing. However it’s important that you honour your body and remember that this stand-alone the programme is very intense.

If you like to perform intense exercise like running or cycling three times per week I recommend that you only complete one of each workout a week (rather than twice per week).

If you are an avid yogi and already go to many different yoga classes each week, it may not be necessary to perform the yoga sequence, in which case you would just swap it out for a rest day or another yoga class. In saying that, please remember that it’s designed specifically in alignment with the fitness programme so it’s bespoke to what you’ll need during the programme. If you go to other yoga classes, you may not adapt in the same manner.


Q: What if I don’t have time for all six of the sessions each week?

A: The Vertue Method Fitness Programme is split into four weekly 30-38 minute workouts, one (non-negotiable) brisk walk in nature and one yoga session per week. There is also one dedicated rest day that is best taken mid-week for recovery.

The programme will work best if you stick to it, however I understand that we all get busy and life/stressful times can take over. At the very least it’s important to aim for three sessions per week - two workouts and one yoga session.

If you can’t find time for 30 minutes in a day for your body, then your transformational expectations are unrealistic. Bit harsh, but that is the truth. Particularly if you have a sedentary job.

That being said - anything is better than nothing so remember that you can re-do the programme as many times as you like. If the first time you tried it you couldn’t hit all workouts, dust yourself off and try again (try again). YOU OWN THE VIDEOS AND CAN USE THEM ANY TIME.


Q: Can I take these videos on holiday?

A: Absolutely! You will need to have internet connection to stream the videos to your laptop or smartphone but the workouts themselves can be performed anywhere as long as you have access to a yoga mat and sturdy chair. Obviously it’s ideal to have weights with the workout, but if you don’t have any, you will still get a good sweat on without them. Just try to up the repetitions you perform to compensate for the lack of weights.


Q: How does the food plan work?

A: Firstly it’s not a food plan. While I do believe there is a time and a place for a food plan - it’s usually for Olympic athletes and/or body builders. Not those looking to have a healthy and enjoyable relationship with food.

After over ten years of working as a personal trainer I have come to realise that 99% of people can achieve results if they are just willing to get into the kitchen, prepare their foods, consume consistently, eat a shit-tonne of vegetables and get enough protein to support their body.

You will be moving rigorously and consistently so you will need the support of a good diet to keep you awake, energised and vibrant throughout the programme.

Although this is a fitness programme, I have avoided providing you with an accompanying Calorie Focused Food Plan - Now before you think I am trying to defy the laws of thermodynamics or ‘calories in vs. calories out’ - allow me to explain myself;

Calories DO play a key role in body composition, there is no denying it. However I strongly believe that constant focus on calories can lead to some subtle but problematic food related psychological issues that often eventuate in that, all too common, ‘restrict and binge’ cycle that many are aware of.

It’s also not uncommon for a food plan to subliminally suggest that the foods in the plan are superior to the foods NOT on the plan; and that those foods are bad because they will inhibit your ability to reach your ‘goals’.

Nutritional science can be complex, but if you’re not ticking off the basics first you don’t need to worry about any of the complex shit!

I believe those basics are:

  • Hydration; I encourage you to drink at least 3L of water per day. For some of you that may seem like a lot but your body will need it - in fact, fat loss can not be facilitated if you are not hydrated.
  • No alcohol; I would say minimal, but do you know how AMAZING YOU’RE GOING TO FEEL WITH ZERO POISON FOR 12 WHOLE WEEKS! Your brain, liver, kidneys, hormones, nervous system won’t be under so much pressure trying to eliminate alcohol every weekend. I understand it’s a big part of many peoples jobs and of course one glass is not going to be impossible for your body to process, however I really can’t stress enough just how awesome you’re going to feel when you eliminate that shizz from your life.
  • Lots of vegetables; it’s very easy to get caught up in the macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats) and while those ARE incredibly important, micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and phytonutrients (plant only nutrients) are incredibly important for the healthy functioning of the human body. If you are consuming a wide variety of vegetables on a daily basis you are consuming a wide variety of important nutrients. Vegetables are also high in fibre which is linked to a reduction in common diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Protein consumption; protein is the only macronutrient that we can’t store. We can store fat and we can store carbohydrates (in the form of glucose) but protein can not be stored. If you do not have enough your body will break down the muscle tissue within your body to make up for what you’re missing.


Q: Is this programme suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

A: I love you guys - so YES! 90% of the recipes are vegan with some being vegetarian and others containing meat. If you are pescatarian or consume meat, don’t worry - I explain how to add meat to the recipes and provide ways in which to cook and prepare it, along with some tasty marinades. Whether you like tofu or turkey - I got you covered.


Q: Is there anything else I should know?

A: Yes - Study up on your body and mechanisms within it! I regularly post evidence based blogs and articles about the systems of the body, fitness, mobility and meditation that I believe are incredibly important to read and understand.

These days we hear so much about ‘self-love’ and ‘loving the skin you’re in’ but how are you supposed to love something (or anything for that matter) without at least trying to understand it?!

Downloading this programme is the first step, but there is a long journey ahead of us and it’s important that you’re equipped with the right tools to get through to the other side.

The Vertue Crew has always got your back, but you also need to make sure that you’re taking responsibility for yourself and your results.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - the more your understand about the mechanisms of the body you live in, the better you will be able to take care of them.


Buying & Accessing The Vertue Method

Q: How long will I have access to the programme for?

A: There is no time limit; once you buy the Vertue Method, you’ll have it for good so you can always go back and repeat the workouts or even the programme


Q: How do I buy the programme?

A: You can purchase the Vertue Method here on my website and will come back to this website when you want to watch the videos. Payment is accepted via bank card, PayPal or Apple Pay.


Q: How do I access the programme?

A: Once you’ve bought the Vertue Method programme you’ll be able to stream them through this website anytime.


Q: Can I buy it in my country?

A: The programme is available in any country, using any currency.


Q: Is this a subscription or a one-time payment?

A: It’s a one-time payment. Once you buy the Vertue Method fitness programme you won’t be charged again at any point and you’ll have it for good.


Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Regular card purchases (credit or debit), like for other online stores as well as PayPal and Apple Pay


Q: My purchase keeps being blocked. Why is that happening?

A: Your bank will be blocking the payment as it doesn’t recognise shonavertue.com as a website that you have made a purchase from in the past. All you have to do is get in touch with them and confirm that you are making a purchase with this website.



There are no refunds or exchanges on physical products. This is due to the product being a limited release where all sales are final, as stated on the site.

Refunds can only be given in the following circumstances:

As the items fall under £42 it falls under the exceptions rule.